BACnet Controller Hardware

Introducing the Falcon Systems FSC-1448-E-D DDC BACnet Controller / Web server

Hardware by MikroeElectronika -

Mikroemedia Controller

                    The FSC-1448-E-D is a 240 x 320 pixel touch screen display controller c/w BACnet/IP and BACnet MS/TP communication @ 76800 baud, comprised of the following I/O & control/monitoring objects.

                    BACnet capabilities based on Steve Kargs excellent BACnet protocol stack. (see

                    A total of 177 user programmable BACnet Objects comprised of the following ->

                    1 - Device Object (contains all BACnet device setting paramters) (87 adjustable properties).

                    7 - analog temperature input. (10k thermistor) – c/w Intrinsic alarms & Trend Logs (21 adjustable properties).

                    7 - binary inputs. (dry contact) – c/w high speed pulse accumulators (tested at 20kHz) (adjustable triggering on pulse leading edge, trailing edge or both edges). (13 adjustable properties).

                    8 - digital ouputs. (12 or 24 vdc relay driver) (5 adjustable properties).

                    4 - analog outputs. (0-10 vdc control signal) (4 adjustable properties).

                    1 - 3 axis accelerometer c/w FHT spectrum analyzer for vibration monitoring. (up to 5khz)  Analyzer can also be used on any of the analog or binary inputs. Useful for the high speed accumulator inputs.

                    6 – PID Control Loops (8 adjustable properties).

                    11 – Notification Classes. (4 adjustable properties).

                    10 - Programmable Events (BACnet Alarms).

                    2 – Weekly Schedules.

                    1 - Calender Object (work in progress)

                    80 – Analog variables. (4 adjustable properties).

                    40 – binary variables. (4 adjustable properties).

                    50 - internal timers available in the control program. (1 sec interval)

                    100 - high speed internal timers available in the control program. (0.01 sec interval)

                    52 - internal floating point variables available in the control program.

                    12 - preprogrammed control algorithms supplied (i.e. user custom control program, radiation/reheat, fan coil heating/cooling, air handling unit c/w HC-CC-DMP, furnace control...................)

                    1 – 10K user custom programmable / interpreted Control Program. (additional 10K will be available in the future) (programming langauge is similar to Pascal and C) (no special editor required!).

                     supports floating point math,  nested control statements (5 levels), executes 9K interpreted program at average 30mS per scan. (see sample control program)

                    356 - control keywords (i.e. start/stop, ifonce, if-then-else-endif, send, get, draw, write, on_for, off_for, do_every loops, for, forall.............

                    all BACnet object settings and paramters and data stored on removable 8gb micro SD card.

                    Sample Control Program

                    BACnet controlled MP3 player.

                    Battery backed Real Time Clock.

                    NTP protocol for web based time update.

                    SMTP mail engine.

                    Web Server c/w 1 - web page (sample shows all input and output values).

                    Built in graphic screen keyboard for setting controller parameters.

                    Ability to load jpeg images by name (useful for system graphics).

                    Falcon Controller Board Web Server

                    Communications supported - 

                        BACnet/IP wired.

                        BACnet/IP wireless ethernet. 

                        MS/TP @ max 76800 baud. (MS/TP and Ethernet interfaces are routed to each other)

                        Programable Graphics on the Local Screen.

                            APIs for the following graphics elements.

                                draw -> lines, rectangles, circles, triangles, fan system symbols animated, vertical/horizontal dampers animated, heating / cooling coils, 

                                vertical/horizontal bar indicators, analog clock, analog gauges c/w min-max needles, system displays, system icons,

                                trendlogs, buttons, keypads (2x2, 3x3, 3x4, 4x4)

                                load jpeg images.

                    Screen Shots

                         Main Screen      Set-Point Screen      Pass Code      Setup Screen      

Keyboard    Schedule Screen     Furnace System


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