BACnet Alarm Dialer


EzDialer - System Overview

The Ez-Dialer is a 16 channel Alarm Dialer utilizing an Ethernet / BACnet/IP interface, voice modem and speech synthesis (SAPI4) to send alarms and event messages to a recipient via a voice telephone connection. These events can then be acknowledged by the recipient. The dialer is capable of monitoring 16 alarms in each channel and dialing out to 16 phone numbers / Pager Numbers / Email Addresses associated with each channel. ( 256 alarms [groups of 16] -> 16 Channels -> 256 numbers [groups of 16]). See below. The Ez-Dialer can also provide remote access via the technical and/or tenant interface to 16384 inputs, outputs and variables grouped by 16 into 1024 channels via dial in facilities.


Ez_Dialer Block Diagram



 The Ez-Dialer software is comprised of a BACnet Ethernet stack, telephony component, text to speech component, Email component, Schedule component, Time sync component, remote access component and a printing component.

1)                  The BACnet Ethernet stack (interface) allows the software to communicate to a BACnet system through a local Ethernet or UDP foreign device connection.

2)                  The telephony component handles telephone line connection, line status, authorization and dial-out.

3)                  The text to speech component converts various control messages as well as alarm messages to speech.

4)                  The Paging component sends building codes and alarm group codes to a numeric pager.

5)                  The Email component handles sending messages to email accounts.

6)                  The Schedule component controls alarm notification based on a simple internal schedule or an external BACnet schedule.

7)                  The technical remote access component allows monitoring and control of up to 16384 remote BACnet objects (AI, AO, AV, BI, BO & BV) in 1024 groups of 16.

8)                  The tenant remote access component allows monitoring and control of up to 16384 remote zone control objects (AV’s & BV’s) in 1024 groups of 16.

9)                  The printing component (if enabled) allows selected alarms to be printed to the local default printer (Dot Matrix Printer recommended).

10)              The Time Sync Utility (if enabled) allows the synchronization of BACnet, Local and Version 2 time with a time server utilizing the SNTP Protocol on port 123 or the local computer time.

11)              The dialer contains 33 BV’s (Binary variables) and 19 AV’s (Analog variables) which are accessible through the BACnet Interface on a remote system. These variables indicate the status of all the dialer channels and timers as well as the state of the dialer, and are useful for indicating such information on a system graphic.

12)              The dialer contains an additional 16 BV’s (Binary variables) which are used to trigger alarm dial outs directly by writing to the bv’s through a remote program, if configured in the alarm setup page.

Ez_Dialer Operational Flow Chart


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